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I believe the process is just as important as the final product. Watch some of my work come to life!


Walk through an illustration with me!

The client is looking for an illustrated poster for a fundraiser cooking show hosted on Instagram Live!

First, I create sketches and present them to the client! They chose #3 (although #6 was my personal favourite).

I then created a cleaned up black and white linear to show the client what text may look like surrounding the poster.

They decided to move the top text to the bottom and vice versa.

I then create a colour mock up to send to the client! This stage is very rough, and the finish is not complete. This is just so the client and I get a feel for the mood of the illustration. 

Luckily there weren't many changes at this stage!

Now I'm cleaning up the colours and adding texture, which brings the illustration towards the final. Colouring is the most satisfying part in my opinion!

I used my iPad for the drawing portion of this poster on the app Procreate (my tried and true).

I added text using Adobe Illustrator and finalized the design! 

I then sent it off to the client. The response was incredibly positive!

Some info about the project:

Cooking Together brings local chefs and advocates together to bring awareness to migrant workers’ rights during COVID through an accessible platform like Instagram Live.

“The wide scale impact of this pandemic affected all. However certain members of our society have been left out from government support and public discussions.
Temporary Foreign Workers and Seasonal Agricultural Workers working in farms, greenhouses and processing plants across Canada being the essential workers are facing the brunt of the inequities.
By connecting local chefs, and food advocates, we hope to serve a place to discuss our reliance on workers and the inequities they face.”