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Hi there!

Commissions are great for personal gifts, mementos or even profile photos and wallpapers!

If you like my work and are interested in a personalized digital commission, please follow the arrow below for more information.

Thank you for your interest and support!

RECENT Examples

Past Examples



» All commissions must be for personal use, NOT commercial.
» Payment is required before the drawing process.
» For Canadian payments, e-transfer is accepted.

» For international payments, only Paypal is accepted.
» The standard turnaround time is around 2 weeks, but may take longer on bigger pieces.

Terms of Service:

» I reserve the right to decline your commission.

» I reserve the right to use the art in my portfolios and post it on my social media.
» I have the right to refuse visual references or ask for more photos. (ie. the photos are blurry/ not clear)
» If you would like to commission me for commercial/ professional work or buy commercial rights to your personal commission, please be transparent and we can discuss. (Things like invitations are typically under commercial use)
» By commissioning me, you automatically agree to all of the above.


» The flat rate is $100 plus $50 per each character or pet.

» The commission will be in a digital style on a solid colour background that will include an (optional) decorative border.

» There is an additional fee if you would like to add a detailed background or more elements in the $25 -100 range.

» I will email a high resolution digital file of the completed commission, and can also mail a printed version for $15.

Thank you, and please feel free and feel free to ask any questions!

How to order:

» Contact options:
Email me at
DM me on instagram (@tenzoni)
» Feel free to reach out to me with questions/asking for a more specific quote beforehand! 
» When you're ready to order, provide this form filled out:

  Type: (specify how many characters will be included in your commission, whether you want a headshot only, or bust)
  References: (clear photos to your visual references and - include names if applicable)
  Specifications: (colors, extra items, if any details / expressions, etc.)
  Background or Frame: (yes or no - feel free to pick a flat color for the background)
  Your Email: (I will be following up with progress through email)
» I'll confirm your commission by responding, and we'll proceed.
» Payment is required before the drawing process.
» Once completed i'll be providing you with the files for a full-sized HD version of the commission
» Thank you so much for your support ! ♥

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